Sunday, March 30, 2008

"Hack the planet!"

If you haven’t seen the seminal classic Hackers you should rent it today. A pre-baby factory Angelina Jolie stars with a pre-Eli Sold Out Jonny Lee Miller as the best computer cowboys in NYC.

When Crash Override (Miller) meets Acid Burn (Jolie) for the first time they battle for hacked control of the local television network. Tron Deadly Disc this makes me happy. I can think of only one thing better. Angelina Jolie’s lips, wrapped around a Tutti-Frutti popsicle.
Perhaps I’ve said too much.

Load up with the best trailer you’ve ever seen:

Sweet-Mary-Christmas this makes me happy.

I’m sure all you true believers already know it, but the "Gibson" super main frame computer that they hack is homage to Cyber Punk author extraordinaire William Gibson. If you’re not familiar with his books. You should read them too. Right after you watch Hackers.

Mmm. Joliescicles

Manipulate. Manipulate. Manipulate. The tools are out there. And you’ve found one here.


bunn_E_rabbit said...

mmm angelina is such a spicey meat-a-ball!

disposableidentity said...

Hackers? Angelina Jolie? Hack a tv network? What are you 16?

Try Ma'Bell and the cold war machine, unless you're full of shit.

In my day we hacked this

Give me Matthew Broderick over Jolie any day. But then my phreaky friend, perhaps I've said too much : )

Let us know if you're more than just talk.

Shall we play?

HeatVision_and_Jack said...

what are you? 60?

in MY day we embedded a youtube clip like this...

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HeatVision_and_Jack said...

'zis exhibit is closed!

nothing to see here.
move along please.