Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Phreak615 is… phreaking it real

I don’t mean I’m Phreaking via Facebook. I mean I’m kicking Facebook to the curb.
And baby it is you. Not me. Seriously. What the hell happened to you Facebook? Sure I’ll admit it, like a Thai massage you were fun at first, I was on you like a mofo. But somewhere along the line, maybe between fuzzy dice and getting poked 50-goddamn-times-a-day you’ve lost your magic. On top of that you’ve managed to kill the two most important things in the world to me. Vampires and Pirates. And for that I cannot forgive.

I’m hoping you’ll all phreak Facebook. For a how to check it out here:


RumblePhish said...

Die Facebook Die. I'm so sick of all the facebook applications. Plus Zucker brother or what ever his name is has sold us all out. boo. It used to be so clean. I agree.

Viva La Phreak!

fingerlessinfrankfurt said...

Poke me once, shame on me. Poke me twice, shame on you. Poke me three times, AND I'VE HAD ENOUGH.

i tried mod'ing the F-Book to block all the senseless gibberish and it worked...for a bit..
good riddence i say!