Thursday, April 17, 2008

New Score

Phreak615: 1 Matsuto77: 0

Maybe i should have left this for yourdaddy.


C v J said...
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C v J said...

i dare you. leave one for me.

or is matsu a plant?
how many plants you got?

either way, you've had your fun. share the toys now. you're not the only one with the knowledge.


plus, who's the chubby dude in the blue jeans red t-shirt combo in your second pic?

seems to me it's not the phreak taking the pic. how many runners you got, boy?

also, take a second to think about the community you're playing with if you're as fake as you seem.

Matsuto77 said...

Okay, so I missed the green mask. But that turned out to be the kicker. And in my field, journalism, that's not good. All I can say is well played, sir. That was a very creative ploy. You are a true evil genius. Have you any other little challenges for me? Do you want me to visit MusiquePlus as well? They're only about 15 blocks from that clothing store, you know. I guess by the looks of those photos, you must have eyes and ears in Montreal. How very interesting.

Hey, here's a proposition: I'll personally send you $5 if you mention what I've been saying about you in one of your videos. So, to borrow a catchphrase from my favorite game show, deal or no deal? Speaking of, have you ever seen that show before? It features a man called the Banker who makes cash offers to the contestants based on how well they do. He sits in a skybox above the stage, but no one can see his face because the glass is darkened. Why is this relevant, you ask? Simple. You're not showing us your face, save for your mouth. Are you afraid or something? Well?

Caesar Cipher said...

Phreak615... game over.
Caesar Cipher

Matsuto77 said...

Hey, phreakazoid, you're not the only one with a blog. Check mine out at

Miles said...

I was just watching TV when the signal was interrupted, somebody's face came on the screen, said "Hello, Canada" and then your URL flashed on the screen.

It was awesome.

If that was you, MAD 1337 PROPS.

brains said...
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HeatVision_and_Jack said...

"brains" SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

can you see what's going on around here?

this is fucking big.

go out into the wider world... read some of this shit. try using google for fuck's sake. and shut the fuck up until you know what's going on around you.


brains said...
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Cassius said...

. . . Devon Soltendieck, is this you?

Just a guess here of course, but it being an 'inside' job, the similarities in appearance (I know, I've only half a face to go on but they are there) and judging on the clothing (which appears to be Devon's style of clothing) in addition to all the other interesting things you hear when you google 'phreak615'.

It seems reasonable. See ya in June.

brains said...
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Matsuto77 said...

Stop the presses! Devon Soltendieck is from Montreal, Canada! So am I! Cassius, you may have just blown this thing wide open! Awesome sleuthing work!

brains said...
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Matsuto77 said...

I'm not saying that I'm devon, brains. I'm saying that phreak615 might be. Actually, it was Cassius (see above) that came up with this idea, not me.

Bryce said...

This seems incredibly plausible that it could be Mr. Soltendieck.

Oh, and efonefifty thanks you for the fifteen minutes of fame yesterday. Andy Warhol evidently was right.

Nature of Betrayal said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey I think I might have another hint to it leading to Devon Soltendieck. Just look at a picture of Devon Soltendieck and compaire the differences in Phreak615's chin and his. They are nearly the same. I'm talking about the dimple in his chin btw.

Mad Mark said...

I hope you still monitor this blog regularly, because I got your little gift which was waiting at Influence U. I read the note as well. Here is what it said:

Tell me truly
Matsuto (my username before I switched it to Mad Mark)
It is you behind the mask
So wear it well
Send proof
I believe

I suppose I now have to make a video or take a picture of myself wearing it, and post it somewhere where you can see it. Oh, and for those of you following the mystery, the mask was placed there by some guy in a suit, according to one of the store's employees. Interesting.
The plot thickens...