Tuesday, April 22, 2008

There are only 9 words

Okay wow. The school system is failing you. Learn some grammar. Your brain should be lean and mean not fat and bloated.

1. Noun: Person. Place. Or Thing. (e.g.) Megatron, Candy Land, gravity.
2. Verb: Action word. (e.g.) spank, defy, electrocute.
3. Adverb: Modifies verbs. (e.g.) spank happily, defy repeatedly, electrocute abruptly.
4. Adjective: Modifies nouns. (e.g.) slimy Megatron, hairy Candy Land, imaginary gravity.
5. Pronoun: Replace nouns in a sentence. (e.g.) Megatron removed his jeans.
6. Conjunction: Joins parts of a sentence together. Megatron inserted his manhood into the toaster and hoped for the best.
7. Articles. There are only three: a, an, and the.
8. Prepositions: Marks the position or relation of one thing to another thing. (e.g.) There is a tiny pirate hiding inside my hat.
9. Interjections: simple sounds to express a feeling. (e.g.) Wow! Oh! What! Sweet Mary Christmas!

There. Grammar 101. At the very least know the nine. Now try to spot all nine words in this sentence:

Great-Polybius! Phreak615 absolutely loved his enormous rhomboids and the way they blocked all light from the blistering sun.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Someone is losing their audience's attention and is desperately trying to regain it :) You are yesterday's news buddy, time to pack up the camera...and I'm looking forward to the MMVA's June 15th!

Anonymous said...

btw this is wow, i changed my username to Th3 b34zT cuz I didnt think anyone would take my comments seriously ... You aren't even worthy to use my name on your blog, you are a coward

Mad Mark said...

The Beast is correct, old sport. Your steam locomotive is running out of coal, and no one seems to care. I wouldn't be wrong if I said you wasted your money on that plane ticket to Paris.

So, it appears you're an English major. I used to be one too, but journalism is a much better field, I find. English Literature bored me to tears, to say the least. If you want to be a grammar phreak, that's fine by me. I'm a writer and journalist, so I'm one too.

However, I will ask this of you, and I hope you'll give me a serious answer. Do you, as a seemingly anti-Much person, recommend that we, the people, boycott Much? I await your answer. Send it to magnetboy1@yahoo.ca, or simply post it on my blog.

And for the record, Mad Mark = Matsuto77. I just thought I'd let you know. The 7 logo must be a dead giveaway, I know.

Anonymous said...

Also I closely look over this post again and it seems you are subtly threatening me. You enjoy threatening 15 year old kids? Does it make you feel big? I'll meet you anytime buddy if you feel like getting your nose broken.

Mad Mark said...

Like I told you, Beasty, he's a nothing more than a schoolyard bully with a camera who's a shameless self-promoter and takes pride in making mischief just to get attention. If you don't give him attention, he'll go away eventually. Unfortunately, he's becoming more and more relentless (read: desperate) with his actions, so that means he's quickly losing popularity.

Anonymous said...

Yep, most likely just like he lost popularity in school. Phreak615 is just some lonely nobody who hates to world because the world hates them.

Mad Mark said...

Agreed. And I'm willing to bet money that he'll make some lame-ass post here about us once he reads these comments. It's fun to be predicatable, eh, Mr. Phreak? Yawn.

Anonymous said...

Yea no lie I'm gettin tired of this, the only thing that kept me on this was you directing that post to me directly. But who knows, you arent exactly mentally stable Phreak.

disposableidentity said...

Would that be the cool 1980's Megatron, or the shithead Megatron from the dumb-ass movie that came out last year?

I mean really. Bumblebee as a Camero? Who would believe that shit?

disposableidentity said...

If there are any 15 year olds in the audience who don't understand what I'm taking about. Look it up.

HeatVision_and_Jack said...

wait.. you mean this megatron you speak of isn't a greek philosopher?

hey look. i'm back. what can i say? the trip to europe got my attention.

brains said...

Hmm, that's a lot of words for sunglasses. Why not just say you like your shades, dude.

brains said...

Also, not that I'm the best at grammar, but...

HeatVision_and_Jack said...


HeatVision_and_Jack said...

oh shit. are you talking about the phreak's last post? i thought you were saying something about me since i was such a bastard to you last week.

is that the code everyone's looking for?

HeatVision_and_Jack said...

you know, since jack black is wearing sunglasses on the poster for heat vision and jack.

brains said...

EL OH EL... no.

brains said...

or maybe, I was just being lazy. Those are the numbers corresponding to the "grammatical" parts he was talking about... I think.

Dillon said...

Game Over BITCH! GIVE UP NO1 gives a ratz ass about you faggit. its time to come clean about it, ur rep is getting trampled on. lol i could do a better job with the pretend hacks :)

sweet_hot_n_pink said...

Ok, so I've been playing a lot of catch up lately.
I've been seeing this guy on MuchMusic for weeks and had no idea what was going on, but then I saw him in Paris so it's sparked my imagination.
I've been floating from site to site and there's a few things that I think should be brought up

Brains- I thought you were giving up? Clearly your words don't speak your true feelings

Mad Mark - didn't you post on another site you were giving up? Why didn't you get the mask? You claim to have investigative spirit, but you're afraid to ask a store clerk to see the mask and then you come on here and bash this whole thing? Did anyone think that Mad Mark's lack of courage could be holding back a solid clue for us? Did anyone notice that after Mark failed to get the mask, this whole thing slowed down? Seems like sabotage to me Mr Mark. You're all claiming to be bored and unafriad but when it comes to picking up a mask from a store front..you know and having to talk to someone...you run?

Also, it's obv the MMVAs, no one is disputing that...at least not from what I have seen, but clearly there's still a mystery. He's not just posting senseless garble...he never has...there's been a point to everything. So pat yourselves on the back for the MMVA guess...man...I wish he had made it easier....oh wait...IT'S IN HIS NAME! Clearly they wanted us to figure that out....but there's clearly more to it.

For people who hate this so much, you're spending a lot of time posting things. My advice is to just have fun with it. You're all pretty smart from the thousands of posts I've seen, so why give up? There's a piece missi9ng and just because you can't find it...doesn't mean you should take your ball and run

I for one am still curious about this whole thing...I'll stay on board

hidesherwings said...

You boys are cute. This is obviously advertising for much's video awards in june. And you guys have made it the most entertaing thing i've seen on tv in a long time.

Ruptured Soul said...

Word to Sweet_Hot_and_Pink! Lets keep this going. And Mad Mark you mustn't give up. You're the backbone of this sting operation. Plus your blog is super sweet and bad ass. You can do it Matsuto77. As for th3 b34zt... shut your 15 year old ass up.

Marco said...

Games over, everyone knows :P


Marco said...

sorry, it cut out, here's the full link:

Also, because I know there's a lot of idiots in the world:

djay1717 said...

well i snooped around, and did some Domain name searches. and this is what i found, the domain www.phreak615.com has these details registered to it.
Domain Name: phreak615.com

Created on…………..: 19 Mar 2008
Expires on…………..: 19 Mar 2009

Registrant Name: Phil Reaking
Organization Info:

Phil Reaking
344 Dexter Road

Uxbridge, ON L0A 6G7
Phone: 1 416 9276540 ()
Email: phreak615@mac.com

i called that phone number and got a one: “Rosalina McDougall” at “Strategic Sourcing Communications.” Apparently many people have tried contacting her. i got through once and then the second time i tried just after 5pm today i got her machine... Do what you will with this information.

HeatVision_and_Jack said...

did i just have a stroke? these last two idiots went back to square one.

sweet_heat said...

heatvision, what exactly have you contributed to this whole thing?

Anonymous said...

You are guys should not talk about things you know nothing about. Mark isn't 'giving up' you morons, he is said he is done with this because he already knows what this is about, as well as most other people do too.

Mad Mark said...

Ruptured Soul, I haven't given up. It's just like The Beast Said. I've found what I think is the answer, and as a result, I find there's no need to continue. For more information on what I'm talking about, click on my name to visit my blog.

Ruptured Soul said...

OK sorry Mr. Mark, I overreacted. Hahaha. But still I'm just so curious and you seem to be the cornerstone of knowledge here. You = My Hero.

P.S. I think you should give th3 b34zt some fucking grammar lessons. What a fucking "waste of space."