Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Get your Phreak on

Okay my little Phreaks and Phreaketts time to get your camera. We’re taking over the MMVAs.

Send me a video and I’m going to hack you right into the mofo middle of that mother fucker. Sweet. Mary. Christmas. Shazam!

Give me your shout outs. Give me your adjectives. Give me your best. Don’t know what an adjective is? Learn some grammar. Want to invent your own adjective? Do it. Want to string three together and make a trifectadjective? I think it’s safe to say you’ve nailed it.

I want you to fill in the blank. Pick one. Pick them all. Shoot it so I can hear it. And say it like you mean it.

Best _________ Director
Best _________ Video
Best _________ Cinematography
Best _________ Use of Bicep or Rhomboid
Best _________ International Video
Best _________ Independent Video

I’m looking for creativity here kids. And by creative I of course mean balls-out-take–a-piss-crazy! Shoot your Phreaking hearts out.

Send your love. Send your hate.
(Or don’t. It’s your life man).


T said...
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Warbear64 said...

phreak. you are such a... well... a freak! and it doesnt reall help that you 'hacked' muchmusic and advertised for the much peoples choice awards. you are obiously devon soltendiek, and you are obviously a total poser. and i am obviously right.

XJ said...

"Send me a video and I’m going to hack you right into the mofo middle".

Oh my!! What a surprise!!

This just got super geigh.
Like geigh-er then 2 dudes fucking!
This is European Geigh!
And thats the worst kind....

Warbear64 said...

eeeeww... europe.

denmax19 said...

Ahah, phreak, your amazing.. this is so awesome, I promise you I will make a video and send it in... I don't know and I don't care if this is fake, It's fun and I have nothing else better to do then do this.. Wooooo!

HeatVision_and_Jack said...

dude. i'm with denmax.

i don't care if the phreak works for much (marketing departmnet), used to work for much (disgruntled hacker), or is an unemployed lesbian nazi.

if he can get my shit on national television, i'm cooking up something cool for this.

denmax19 said...

yes ` , finally, someone who agrees with me. I really could care less if this was a scam or whatnot, its fun.. and for the people who are right in a fuss about this, shut the hell up, it's just for fun. like, calm your nerves people. if you people hgave nothing else better to do with your lives then to " pick " on something.. that ha no needing for.. you seem pretty despret for attention. so, why don't you either, 1. make a nice little video and have some creativity. or 2. go the fuck away and leave this alone! : )

Rparks said...


Warbear64 said...

oh. now it makes sense! just some ellaborate set up for some stupid contest. not cool phreak. not cool.

T said...

Shitstorm in 3...2...1

kitty_owns_you said...

So heres my thought...my thought is that this is some sort of marketing scheme...its so obvious it makes my teeth hurt or the work of some lonely human being..either case it is sad..so i think we should all stop paying attention..go to the mmva's dance the night away and dont give a flyin f*ck of who the phreak is!