Saturday, May 10, 2008

This kid is really excited for the MMVAs

The longest I’ve ever gone is 3 days. And that was crazy. I think about it all the time. And one time I even did it four times in one day. But I think we’ve all been there though. That’s why this kid is so incredible.


Mad Mark said...

I highly doubt that kid is excited for the MMVAs. I'll only watch it to see what you're going to do, Mr. phreak. I'm not a watcher of award shows usually. I find them to be a total waste of time. I can't stand pop music. I much prefer jazz and classic rock. I know that this whole scheme was designed to build hype for the MMVAs, so why not see what it's all about? That's probably what you want, Mr. phreak. Amazing how this thing called viral marketing / advertising works, eh, Mr. phreak? Now, post something useful or relevant or go home. 90% of what you say makese any sense anymore, although I'm willing to bet money that some of it has some carefully hidden clues that you want us all to find.

C v J said...

at least you post on weekends now. it makes it seem a little less as though you're just some twit working a desk job.

a quarter of a point for realism!
your new tally: .5 realism points!

six times in one day, too phreak...
and only because i slept for twelve hours.

then i stayed awake for a week!

'cause that makes as much sense as all of this.

[of course he's hidden clues, mark]

denmax19 said...

he has obviously hidden clues in most of these posts that he has published. why would he bother wasting his life writing all of these posts unless they had some connection to what he is going to do at the MMVA's. all we have to do is look really close and try and find them. because we know they are there. just not sure what they are .

swingcatltd said...

How sick!
Thats truly offensive to compare a serious medical condition for excitement.

I hope you get horribly sick and die Phreak!

HeatVision_and_Jack said...

swingcatltd, you're fucking kidding, right?

your name's all about hurting poor defenseless animals and you're upset the phreak's making fun of an illness?

pot meet kettle.

denmax19 said...

swingcatltd, heatvision_and_jack is right, your a retard. he doesnt really mean it dumbass.

Jan said...

So can we finally conclude that the brazen promotion of MMVA's makes this a publicity stunt or are there still some people who really want to believe that this is legitimate?

Well let's see if we can do something about that domain, from hell's heart I stab at it thee.. lol

StephyC said...

swingcat i'm sure people wish you would get sick and die to. and if you're really into hurting animals, i hope you do, to be totally honest. and in the worst way! harsh? not at all my dear. and phreak, don't use this poor child for one of your stupid ads. this kid is sick and you shouldn't be using him to get your point across thats really really sad. and lame. i hope you eventually learn not to be a jerk.

Noxie T. Fox said...

People who lack the humor to see the use of the current event as a hype and not a poke aT a medical disorder is a twit. Please stop whining, he used a Reference tO a child not sleeping to personify his point. You see it do you not? Being so excited you wouLdn't sLeep? You don't? Then go somewhere else.