Thursday, April 3, 2008

Area Man Hacks Network.

If I could hack the newspaper that’s what the headline would read. I’m in baby:


sweet_heat said...

long time listener, first time caller. WTF??? are you for real this time?

Anonymous said...

i saw you on much music. that is crazy. are you on any other channels. i wanna a be a big star too. how did you do it. can you put me on? i am hackburglar. extra cheese!

anime_nippleclip said...

finally found you again my canadian freak. what, no breakfast? not even a note? any idea what it took to track you down?

small world / big web

don't have much music. that's like MTV up there "eh"? what exactly are you stirring up these days?

ps. drop lisa a note someday. we worry.

Rampage_Rage said...

haha I JUST saw you on much music, very very impressive! I wanna see more, keep on phreaking us out dude!!!

kels. said...

Ok. I know everyone is saying that phreak615 is most likely Devon, and I am agreeing. But it definately IS a marketing ploy BECAUSE (holy shit i feel so fucking smart for noticing this!) in the "Trevor Boris Quits" video, in the background, behind Trevor's head, out the window, is a phreak615 video playing on the big-ass screen. It's @ about 22 seconds into the video & you can't see much of it BUT you CAN see the white noise fuzziness stuff and then the bright blue that shows the URL. Don't know if anyone else saw this, but since I did I feel like a mofoing genius right now!

xo kels.