Wednesday, April 30, 2008

If I can read minds

And I’m pretty sure I can. Right here Miley Cirus is thinking: “Oh. My. God. That boy in the blue mask has gigantic rhomboids”.

I’m certain you disagree. Email your Miley thoughts to


Vaij said...
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C v J said...

oh, jesus.

now you really, really step into overdrive, getting ready to hype those little mmvas with thought-bubbles?

celebrity macros... not bad, not cats, but it has a ring to it. here's a question; what's the point?

so we email you little miley comments, and what? you put them up here and we all laugh about how funny it is?

are we also going to laugh at the exploitation that disney runs this CHILD through on a daily basis, and how media outlets like much do little more than feed the machine?

oh.. no?
we're going to laugh about pseudo-rebellion within a faux-pop-art context? oh? big brother's just watching us dance again, distracted by another carrot on a stick?

i'm still awaiting the point.
i highly doubt that you or the marketing company assisting with this is even sure what it is.

keep feeding the kids this bullcrap about fake rebellion from within the corporate system. that'll really help them in the coming years with media crackdowns and conglomerates. line your pockets with some more cash and pretend you ever even gave a shit.

aaron said...

Old News.

Marketing fails.

HeatVision_and_Jack said...

cjv, you still here dude?

right now you're the worst part of this whole thing, and you seem to be spending way to much time fixating on this phreak. mmva viral ads, game, real hacker, whatever. we all seem to be having fun around here.

why don't you go fuck yourself cvj. you're the creep.

C v J said...

heatvision and jackass:

get the acronym right. CVJ

2 out of 3 times it's been CJV, you're lucky i can even tell you're speaking to me.

if you have a problem with what i'm writing, don't read it. easy as that. but you're very wrong dear sir on two counts:

"right now you're the worst part of this whole thing, and you seem to be spending way to much time fixating on this phreak. mmva viral ads, game, real hacker, whatever."

the worst part of this whole thing is FAR from me. the worst part of this whole thing is that there's no definition of whether this is mmva viral ads, or a game.

it's definitely not a real hacker.
that's a granted. now, muchmusic recieved funding from the canadian government. i pay taxes to the canadian government. therefore, even on some minute level, my money is involved in this game. even if it's not through me specifically losing any, you know the goal of this game is to make some, and there's no way i'm going to be giving them any.

better yet, muchmusic is the flagship of canadian musical indentity, and plays a large role in the assistance of shaping canadian culture. to see a project on much get half-assed this hard hurts not only much, but the international image of much, and thus canada. i haven't seen MTV pull a lame shit viral game yet.

problem deux:

"we all seem to be having fun around here."

that's interesting. it seems to me traffic is on the decline. it's obvious that comments are on the decline. i for one think this sucks and am not having fun, so it's clear not EVERYONE is having fun. think i'm the only one not having fun? look at the post above you.

problem #3:

i don't appreciate your language with me. you had absolutely no reason to tell me to "go fuck myself" and it was horridly inappropriate. so what? i don't agree with your opinion? don't read my posts.

it's funny, the comments are sorrounded by borders and have headers with the commentors name.
how about you just don't read anything that says CVJ anymore?


yoda knows i have no reason to read anything you say.

now, if you want to continue to watch this BS, fine. I will too. Just don't bitch to me that my opinion is different about it than yours.

take your head out of your ass and go watch a real viral... cloverfield, tdk, year zero, hancock, halo... these are real virals.

then tell me i'm too critical.

[lastly, my main point of contetion with the 'phreak' is his self appointed status of popculture activist. spitting out muchmusic mojo and posting miley cyrus pics makes you more of a popculture pimp than an activist. do something on behalf of pop culture and we'll talk.]

HeatVision_and_Jack said...

well now. what can I say?

fixated: check
creep: check
cjv = worst thing about this: check

C v J said...

mature, heatvision, really. from this point forward i will be disregarding you as a viable source of cognitive thought, as well as lacking reasoning and deductive skills.

unfortunately for you, i will continue to post and speak my mind. fortunately for me, from this point forward i will do the mature thing and not comment on what you have to say.

if you consider me obnoxious and thus a creep [the only way in which your definition fits] then that's your problem.

if you consider me fixated, well then i guess phreak should be happy! he roped in another sucker.
[if i cared what you thought, i'd ask how my whole 6 comments here thus far qualify as fixated]

either way, enjoy the game jackass.
hopefully one day you take a shit big enough to shake your head loose from your ass.

Warbear64 said...

ok CVJ you need to calm the hell down. take some prozzak or something. and theres one thing i just realized. if this was a viral advertising for the mmvas they wouldnt have phreak speaking profanity. they could get in trouble with the fcc or something.

Warbear64 said...

by the way. another phreak yesterday. in the hour of 5 o'clock wasnt paying attention. nice top hat phreak.

C v J said...

the fcc is in america, warbear.

consider me calm though. ;)

Stretch D said...

an1You know, she is going to become the next disney whore. Think about the many whored of disney before her...Spears...Aguilara...Lohan...Duff...Bynes managed to avoid it...That chick from High School musical. The evidence is there.

Warbear64 said...

i agree. she does seem like the nest whore. just look at the way she talked about her father on Jay Leno.

HaileyJusitne said...

Im Gayyy:O:O:D:D:P:P:L:L