Thursday, May 1, 2008


Wait. Am I me?
Or Matsuto77
Or Devon Soltendieck
Or c v j
(You have to admit he is brilliant)

Oh, wait. That’s right.
I’m Batman.



C v J said...

perhaps consider it this way.

totally different face and build than our TO freak. none of those wonderful rhomboids [minor or major].

so not our regularly scheduled phreak.

it certainly isn't me.

definitely no christian bale.
[althought the allusion is clever and cute]

so that leaves matsuto...
better known as Mark David.
Webmaster and Moderator as well as cheif investor in a company called?

Revolution 7 Productions.

check out their website.

logo look familiar?
very similiar to that which was matsuto's avatar, and graces the phake's hat and tee.

so, you sent a similiar mask to matsuto to shut him? up? nice?
what'd you offer? free product placement? like putting his logo on the web?

cool guys!

cool! XD

[i'm still waiting.]

Somebody said...

Its already confirmed to be MadMark, aka. Matsuto77.. He posted his picture up on the dabbler forums. I doubt that there was any sort of product placement involved. Its a direct target towards the more active members of this "game"... The phreak is singling you guys out.

Carly said...

Viral or not... it's still fun.

C v J said...

hey, phreakshow.

when i grow up i want to be just like you.


Mad Mark said...

All right, time to come clean...
First of all, yes, my name is Mark David, and I do run a website called Revolution 7 Productions. However, Mr. c v j, there is one thing that you're wrong about - I do not own or run a company. Revolution 7 Productions is simply my portfolio website. I use it is as a place to post things that I'm working on. Presently, the only thing of importance that's posted there are 94 or 95 chapters of a story that I've been writing for about 3 or 4 years now.

Mr. c v j, while you definitely have good eyes, I will point out that my website's logo and the one on my shirt and hat are two different unrelated things. My website's logo is blue, while the other ones are purple. As to what is relates to, try listening to Silver Machine by Hawkwind, and then go to a Mets game. Everything will make more sense then.

As for the blue phreak mask I'm wearing, for those of us just joining us, allow me to explain. Your friend and mine, Mr. phreak615, told me to go to this store in Montreal - I live there - called Influence U. It's a block away from the downtown campus of Concordia University, where I go to school (I study journalism). There, a blue mask like the one that Mr. phreak always wears was waiting for me on one of the store's mannequins. My task was to get it and send Mr. phreak proof that I had found it. The picture you jsut saw is my proof, and clearly, Mr. phreak just stumbled upon it.

Now, I am clearly not phreak615. If anything, I'm a journalism student and radio broadcaster from Montreal who got involved in this ARG-like game by taking some wild - and educated - guesses as to what this whole thing is all about. I posted many of them on the blog at, and on my own blog, Mad Mark's World (you can visit it by clicking my name). And I don't know what rhomboids are (perhaps it refers to some part of the male anatomy that is below the belt?), but apparently, Mr. phreak has some rather large ones.

And for the record, Mr. c v j, I watched your video, and I must say, it's one of the best phreak videos I've seen thus far. Nice job, dude.

Oh, and Mr. phreak, Mr. c v j and anyone else reading this blog, I invite you to contact me if you'd like to chat or get to know me better. My e-mail address is, or for those of you that prefer Hotmail and MSN, you can reach me at I hope to hear from some of you soon.

And thus, the phreak615 talent agency has landed 2 new members today, myself and Mr. c v j. You too can join in the fun as well. And just as Mr. phreak did with my photo, if you send him something, he will make you famous in one way or another.

One more thing: that mask is the most uncomfortable thing in the world. I don't know how you put up with it, Mr. phreak. I guess it's because you really do have rhomboids of steel. as you claim. Either that, or a really small head.

brains said...

Holy rhomboids, Batman! He's Bruce Wayne!!! His Honor the Mayor of Quahog, Rhode Island.

Anyway, haven't really been following this for a while and I don't watch Muchmusic. Looks like it's right where I left it. Lame and boring. Still.

EIH666 said...

Holy get a life, Batman!