Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Accomplishment in Costume Design, Craft Award

For me there are really only two contenders in this category so far. yourdad615 or seeveejay.

Still. There is this.


C v J said...

aww, phreaky. you mention me again.

how sweet.

sunglasses and i hat i own are hardly a disguise though. neither is the hoody in the second vid. i mean, the scarfy-face cover was gold though, no?

so, how are your little "phreaks" supposed to affix these to their faces? superglue? hot wax? staples?

please, man... inform your piddly little masses... they could have an accident. while you're at it, make sure they shop at hot topic too. right, that's only in america. sorry, i was thinking mtv, not much.

HeatVision_and_Jack said...

preferably by hot glue gun.