Monday, May 5, 2008

I’m going to hack the MMVAs

It’s no secret that I am going to hack the MMVAs.
It’s no secret that if you send me a video I’ll put you into the MMVAs
It’s no secret that MuchMusic and Mad Mark have the same initials.
And it’s no secret that CDs have a better sound quality than cassette.
CDs Nuts!

Send your love. Send your hate.


Sevens Heaven said...

Theres no relation to Mad Mark having the same intials as MuchMusic.. considering his name started out as Matsuto77.

Mad Mark said...

Well, thank you for confirming my suspicions, Mr. phreak. We all knew you were going to do this. It's good to see that you finally came to your senses and decided to come clean. Hopefully, that will put an end to the random nonsense that you've been known to post. And the fact that Mad Mark (formerly Matsuto77; you should know that by now) and MuchMusic have the same initials is merely a coincidence. Are you done yet, Mr. phreak? I most certainly hope so.

Toad FreakShow said...

I got an idea, when you hack the MMVA's, put some good music videos on for a change!

Anonymous said...

You want to really impress everyone - "Hack" the MMVA's and put on a few good episodes of Family Guy instead. Or even a screen of static for 2 hours as Much Music programming is a step below a PBS Telethon.

Warbear64 said...

ok phreak. i dont know about everybody else, but personally im getting sick of you! so if you've got as great connections as they say you do, hook me up with something, Phreak Style. I live in Lethbridge, Alberta. I look forward to your expected reply.

C v J said...

congrats, muchmusic and the creators of this phreak scheme!

you've managed to take a completely relevant and cool idea like viral marketing/alternate reality games, and complete screw it up.

this has been a botched abortion from the start with half-assed real life clues, minimal amount of interaction beyond being able to post some shitty youtube videos and ZERO realism.

i thought there would atleast be a slow build and a big reveal. NOPE.

turns out you cheap bastards have managed to take a brilliant idea and pigeonhole it into a shitty scheme to market a bored-ass awards show in which we'll watch a drunken avril lavigne bare her ass for what, the third year in a row?

this is as tired as ed the sock.

the worst part is the way you pander to half your audience and insult the intelligence of the other half. we understood it was phake from the start. the issue [to me] is the light you paint this in... all this faux rebellion to get the little punk kids interested.

must you recycle retro ideas to manufacture new trends?

must you forcefeed "rebellion" down the throats of thousands of impressionable teens a day so you can make some more money?

for shame.

i used to dread the day that mtv absorbed much. now i just hope canada gets a spiffy new mtv2 alt up here.

muchmusic stopped being relevant 10 years ago, and this bastardization of e-trends has done little more than prove how out of touch your higher ups are.

as a media conglomerate, you could have planted stories [other than the one in the globe and mail] even online. you could have tried.

YOU guys could have made this worth our time.

i was all ready to rope up some lemmings for you, but you dumb shits wouldn't know what to do with them.

good luck, much. i hope scads of 12 year olds send you videos on june 15th to point out how much they HATE hillary duff, or how SIIIICK simple plan is...

i hope the bigger pay off for all of this is worth it to you guys... 'cause i'm not sure if you're noticing, but reaction is HEAVILY unfavourable. you could have turned this into something big.

what happened to media responsibility?

i guess it just costs to much now.

i still might counter blog this, but only if it continues to be such a cornocopious clusterfuck... and then only for the entertainment value.

if i do, it'll be easy to find.

Hayley said...

CVJ go leave your shit somewhere else

youuknow. said...

i wiish i waaas that smart ,
thats all i have to saay
and all you haters.
juust get !
if youuu dont like phreak615
why are you leaving comments?
srsly... wow haha .
youuu people make me lauuugh
just leave him to do his work ..

Anonymous said...

CVJ I am thoroughly impressed by your articulate and well thought out rant, although I think it has been wasted on the mostly prepubescent and unintelligent population of this board.

Mabee if u spelld worser and used bacw3rds hav-assed punktuation wis SWEEEEEET ALL CAPS!!!!!!11 It wud werk beter and b Kool?!

The ability to express intelligent thought through written words appears to be nearly lost. How Unfortunate for us all.

Jan said...

It's over now, we officially know it's a viral scheme - the claim that he's going to hack it only lends proof that this is leading to the MMVAs.

And the fact that he never responds to any of the comments besides trying to bait madmark into some sort of petty argument reads like the a-b-c's of viral marketting (eg: trying to get user reaction without putting too much effort in to actually addressing the comments or giving away any information).

I agree with cvj, Muchmusic is the Canadian King of packaging and selling 'conformity' as rebellion, but really MTV does it so much better.

If you're gonna sell out, at least do so creatively - and for that I give this marketing scheme a 3/5 - 3 because it's actually managed to get some attention, 3 also because if this thing ever comes out as Much Music a quick report to ICAAN will have suspended and with any luck a swift monetary penalty against BellGlobalMedia for engaging in domain fraud (eg: false address info).

Not a fan of Bell, and I'll be glad to send the complaint in if this ever gets proved to be a viral scheme - and I assume it will be.

teja said...

Why are you hacking much music and mtv?
There really isn't a point in doing that.
Why don't you just go and advertise yourself somewhere else?
Oh. Even though I'm technically "criticizing" you. How do you actually hack into it?
Is it hard?
Cause, I thought televison had really protective un-hackable safety walls.

Kaitlyn said...

Well, I could have told you all that he was going to hack the Much Music Video Awards from the very beginning of this whole Phreak615 scandal.

I mean really, let's all logically think this out. Much Music is completely desperate for viewers and with this, they try to appeal to more than the celebrity crazed brats they bring in.

Now, I am not going to lie. I watch Much Music often and am usually up to date on what's going on in the life of the celebrity's, but this could have been done much more better.

As soon as I saw the name "Phreak615" come on the screen, I knew it was to do with the MMVA's. Why? Because I have known the date of the show for quite some time. The main reason I got so interested in this story is because it kept intruding with my watching on a decent show. Video on Trial.

The whole "hacking" during that show only aggravated me! Of all the shows, VoT? Let's be fair. Like I said before though. I could have confirmed your suspicions at the very beginning. I just didn't waste my time to paste a reply to this because it didn't seem relevant.

I must say though, if this had been done properly, it could have been very clever and deceiving. Unfortunately Much Music has no idea what it's viewers want anymore, and it is depressing.

Nice try Much, sadly, the only thing you are getting from this is a bunch of ticked off viewers and illiterate prepubescent teens who want to be on tv. All I can hope is that the award show will turn out how you planned and won't disappoint anyone. The last thing you need is for more people to stop watching. I know I will if I don't see some drastic improvements. So yes, on 6/15 I will sit at home and watch, not for Phreak, but to see how this turned out and pray to God that Hedley wins.

It's been a half-assed show Mr. Phreak615, but entertaining in it's own screwed up way.

alexisonfire92 said...

no shit sherlock.

Jason said...

good luck

is there anywhere to watch it online?