Sunday, May 25, 2008

Check Baby Check Baby 1 2 3

Send in your videos here.


Jan said...

notice the frequency at which 'they' (phreak) is posting as it gets closer and closer to June. The spacing in time between the posts will get smaller and smaller until this thing finishes at the MMVA - which just like any other year I wouldn't watch anyways.

Mad Mark said...

I get the feeling that phreak615 might not actually be one person, but in fact a small group of people. There's one person making the videos, one person editing them, one person compiling the video submissions on YouTube, and one person managing and writing the blog entires. Does that make sense to any of you?

tongue tied said...

Yes Mark, it is a marketing team, phreak615 is just the front man. Like any television personality he has his words written for him. The whole thing is managed by people hired by MM.

C_v_J said...

it's totally a team:

on screen guy,
video-editor [probs camera guy too]
web guy
and then atleast one overseer.

that being said, i'm superbly annoyed by the amplitude of people with no clue as to what a rhomboid is. folks, it's on your back.


phreaky, these chumps lack my charisma. i'll get something for you soon.

Mad Mark said...

Ah, okay. I had a feeling it might be a team of people. It makes perfect sense, after all.

CVJ, with that kind of attitude, you'd be excellent in my field (journalism). In addition, you have proven to be both 1.) a very smart and savvy person, and 2.) a worthy competitor for the phreak. Your responses are definitely the most fun and insightful, and are always fun to read. I can't wait to see what you come up with next.

And I'm just taking a shot in the dark here, but does CVJ stand for Charles Victor Johnson or something? Just thought I'd ask...

denmax19 said...

yes, I had thoughts to how phreak could do all of this by himself.. and all of the photo's that have been taken, not alot of them are the same people.. It was very odd.. but yes mad mark and CVJ, it seems to be a great deal of more than one person..

C_v_J said...

marky mark [if i may call you that.]

your comments are always appreciated. i actually started out in the journalism field early in the college days... i found some things that took me to bigger and better places though.
[no offense meant, it's a good field]

As for the Charles Victor Johnson question, i'm certainly not an american war veteran and judge in the state of arkansas.

Don't bother trying to figure it out, actually. It won't tell you anything about me... atleast, nothing major. It's certainly not my initials though..

I mean unless my name is Cletus Vernon Jenkins...

...which i didn't say it wasn't.

Jan said...

I think that was already quite clear - I started using 'they' to connotate this. It's a PR firm that's doing this for Much, or it could be Much's own personal PR team (which would be the same as City TV, Bravo, etc).