Friday, May 23, 2008

Fugacious cacophonic phantasmagoria


HeatVision_and_Jack said...


that's either the best smackdown i've ever seen. or a marriage proposal.

T said...

That was actually kinda cool with all things considered.

brains said...

yes. let's all say things in video form and add cool effects.

Mad Mark said...

Okay, that has to be the best video I've seen in years. Great comeback, Mr. Phreak. And yes, I agree, CVJ's music really was awful. CVJ, you might be smart and all, but consider yourself PWNED!!! Oh, and CVJ, you should also consider taking Phreak's advice and calm the heck down. It will change your life. I guarantee it.

denmax19 said...

mad mark, I think you should calm down ... like, saying, PWNED! .. your such a loser.. and besides, cvj isn't doing anything that different to what phreak is doing.. he is expressing his thoughts throughout video blogs.. is there anything wrong with that? because phreak is also doing that too.. so, mad mark? got anything to say for yourself? because right now.. I think you just got " PWNED!! "

Jana said...

Alright. So, I found the whole "hacking the television" concept very interesting at first. Initially, I didn't understand what exactly what was going on, but after the second time I saw it, I narrowed it down to two things: An athentic, brilliant person whom actually had the skill to pull something like this off and an advertising campaign. I knew it was the second one, but a part of me wanted to believe the first option was possible.
After a while, when Phreak convientiently broadcast only during commercials, I came to the sad and disappointing realization (or more of a confirmation)that Phreak was infact fake. Still, I believe it was an incredibly intelligent campaign even though others disagree with me. By the way, I'm fourteen and capable of independant thought.

Kudos to everyone who's been following this, and right on denmax19.

C v J said...

pretty sure it's a marriage proposal.

this might be the most creative thing i've seen you do... but consider me undiscouraged... fancy with all that editing software and marketing money that you do little more than parody me.

go ahead and even pretend that 1/4 of your viewing audience has this much creativity or drive. know you love me.

mad mark, your about-face makes me reconsider you a plant...


more like peanuts.

Warbear64 said...

phreak seems like some wrestler challenging his opponent to a cage match. 'Ooh Yeah, Brother.'

Jan said...

great production value, and if they (since it is a team effort on whatever PR firm or group is managing it) was smart they would air this little "state of the Phreak union" on much.

It wreaks of anti-conforming conformity, but what does it matter - the majority of their audience is tweens and teens so desperate to gain acceptance and express individuality that they buy into all this marketing crap.

I give credit to CVJ, but I think he hasn't realized what's going on here. Phreak has chosen CVJ for some reason to be his platform, he's basically taking whatever CVJ says or does and twisting it (regardless of whether it makes sense) and using it in some way to either plug the MMVAs or to continue branding himself as a rebel.

Jan said...

just wanted to add one thing, do you notice the amount of stock footage he has at his disposal?

It's kinda difficult to get that quality of footage as an amateur, and when he says "someone you walked by but didn't care.." the stock footage being shown is of the CNE grounds and what's interesting is that it's one of the older footage from the mid 90s that I could swear was used in one of city tv's branding adverts (the ones they showed in between shows and the news).

Anonymous said...

This video amuses me. Well played Phreak.

Anonymous said...

this is so absoludicrous. Perhaps you should boycott against Tim Horton's because they had a bad rap lately. This is La serious topic here.

I also made a blog posting about you.

C_v_J said...


i know exactly what phreak is trying to do me, my videos and my message - that's fine. he wants to seem a rebel by mocking my vids? they'll see a rebel eventually.

what i don't know is what he's trying to do in general. why waste our time?

i am but a vessel, you see.

...awaiting my purpose.

Mad Mark said...

Okay, so maybe I went a bit too far by saying that CVJ pot "pwned". I do apologize for that. CVJ's most likely right, it's all just another step in this who ploy. Sorry for the about-face too. I'm still on the "it's-all-a-marketing-scheme-kind-of-thing" side, don't worry. Wanna talk to me? is my MSN account. I welcome all of your questions and / or comments.

Jan said...

I'm not so concerned with the viral aspect of this but about why he's presenting himself in this way. It just seems a weird move to antagonize skeptics.

It puzzles me how much freedom they're giving to this campaign, don't get me wrong I mean he still acts within a set scope (he never bashes Much Music or mentions anything that could be construed as critical).

he's waiting for fodder, and if no one gives it to him (be it images or video) he/they are left with nothing and resort to just posting a random picture and then tying it invariably to the MMVAS (eg: Here's a picture of a squirrel, he's saving his nuts so that he can it at the MMVAS).

Anonymous said...
Phreak you should use this video. This kid has a huge point.

C_v_J said...


i see your point... but somebody is going to supply fodder eventually. might as well be someone with a plan, no?

a] it wasn't music. it was ambient noise created by running a mini-moog synth through a line6 spider III combo with some wah and delay... not ambient noise... b]either way, you weird me out. we'll be in touch though.

like i said on my blog [phake615 on the blogspot] though, this certainly changes things and pushes us all in a new direction though, doesn't it?

...maybe now the ball is rolling

Somebody said...

Okay .. does anyone realize that there's a backwards message in the video? (aka. at one point in the video he's playing the audio backwards?) ... Its from 1:26-1:30 approximately.

Someone should check that out... at least it'll satisfy my curiosity.