Thursday, May 22, 2008

This post is best viewed on your knees. Begging for mercy.

This is what I’m talking about. Great submission Maxameleon. I can hear you. You made me laugh. You are definitely getting hacked into the show. So now, imagine this, only on TV and in front of over a hundred thousand screaming fans.

Upload your video submissions here.


denmax19 said...

wow, this guy is really in to you phreak. i was, but then c_v_j made me understand how much of a waste of time this is. its sad really..

I think your the one begging for mercy phreak..

I think your the one who wants the attention from the "audience".. just give it up.. its pointless.. what is this going to do? nothing.. it's just a very pointless viral scheme that no one is starting to care about anymore..

just give this up.

denmax19 said...

By the way phreak, I was just wondering in concerns to why you have not emailed me back on all those emails I have sent to you..

Are you scared? .. coward?

are you scared of the fact that some people have figured out what you are going to do.. are you dissapointed.. well.. I hope you are..

C v J said...

my nomination for best international dumbass is expressed vehemently in the pictures you see:

i heard that they're going to run a preshow party over at PHAKE615... where they're going to watch poignant and educational television that entertains and has merit.

...crazy idea.

brains said...

Why do you keep calling it a hack? You can't hack into your own show.