Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Gain 10 Pounds Instantly

That’s right. It couldn’t be easier. Just point and shoot. Or get two cameras on yourself at the same time and gain 20! Your friends won’t even recognize you. Wow. It’s a-m-a-z-i-n-g!

Designed to boost metabolism, increase charisma, and suppress melancholy. It couldn’t be easier. It’s the weight gain program you’ll love for life!

This Phreak615 customer gained 9.4 pounds overnight!


And now, you can too.
Join now.

Just upload your videos here. Then, see you, on the MMVAs.

(Oh, and if you happen to be watching from Boston right now, yes, you bet your ass I'm going to put you on tv. phreak it real).


hidesherwings said...

Phreak. Is Alex-on-Fire playing the show. Please.

C v J said...

good job on blocking me from posting on the phreak youtube page, guy who pretends to be the person in the videos.

i've got my own place to load videos. i don't need a second rate marketing division at a television station. i think a few people around here may be interested in this though;

[copy and paste, kids - just like phreak]

cvj has a voice too.

oh - the
phreak615.comkid who was so excited about the mmvas... he fell asleep. so much for cashing in off sob stories;

Laura said...

You should check out some graffiti along the strip by Lawrence RT station. There are some faces that eerily look like you, phreak615. In fact, they are all over agincourt...

alexisonfire92 said...

its Alexisonfire not alex-on-fire DIPSHIT.


denmax19 said...

Does anyone honestly know wtf phreak is talking about? gaining 10 pounds.. instantly? makes absolutly no sence.. if someone could make any sence of this.. I would KINDLY appreciate it..

Andrea said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
brains said...

Well... cameras are supposed to add 10 pounds

watchout_tessah said...

so, i was on earlyer today.
and i noticed the whole "plan b"
that was on here for like 10 mins.
altho i managed to save the picture.
like i comment on the picture when it was first put on....
" i think i know where this is, what would happen if i where to show up??