Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The West Stripes

Okay. Dish. Much is hoping to have a an exclusive online party after the MMVAs. I haven’t heard who but “The MMVA AfterMath” might feature some great encores. I've even heard that they're trying for an inter-artist jam session. It’s all pubic-hair conjecture at this point but if it really did go down, wow, that would be delicious. The carpet and the drapes.

I’d love to see The White Stripes and Kanye bang out a track. Of course West is far too much of an egotistical prick-stick for that to happen.

Still, sounds like it could be great. I’m not so sure about the name though, after math I usually have recess where I look for my ball. And then a little laugh at my consumer variation jargon class.



alexisonfire92 said...

phreak, could you get me into the mmva's??? it would mean the world to me considering i cant make it their june 7th. please let me know, thanks.

Anonymous said...

phreak, you should do a posting about bluetooth headsets. As this video shows:

and my blog posting:

C_v_J said...

it's funny how many whores you can draw out the second you admit you're with the media and not against.

good job addressing the issues, "phreak". hope your long weekend was full of good ideas to make this whole thing blow less.

online after-party?

don't need to binoculars to see this one coming, phreak honey.

here's an artist collab i'd like to see much organize for after the show;

integrity and a decent product, featuring consumer awareness with a lack of pandering.


i thought you still had treats left?

i know i do.

[ps, simon - guitar-based comedy is so 20th century]

hidesherwings said...

Looks to me like CVJ wants to brokeback the Phreak.

oooh. Zing.

Love you Phreak, please put my video in the awards show.

C_v_J said...


i'm not saying it's not as though there aren't guys i would brokeback. no way is phreak one of them though...

however your comment painting homosexuality in a negative light is a might offensive, no? i thought we lived in canada, not kandahar.

hidesherwings said...

On the contrary, I have said nothing but great things about homosexuality. I'm simply pointing out the fact that you looooooooove him. On a scale of one to brokeback you're a nine. It's cute.

Perhaps you calling us whores is a might offensive, no? Welcome to Canada.

denmax19 said...

so, phreak, your planning to hack the mmvas themselves and then make another surprise surprise on them by hacking the " MMVA Aftermath ".
so, your saying that your going to hack the live show and then hack the online show. a little greety are we?

C_v_J said...

contrary to the on the contrary, you said;

"Looks to me like CVJ wants to brokeback the Phreak.

oooh. Zing."

the last part, particularly the "Zing." implies that you feel that you've insulted me. The only part that could be construed as insulting in any way would be your sentence which implies homosexual tendencies on my behalf. and seriously, is it that much of a jump for me to think this way?... just sayin'.

on the topic of the whores, i wasn't referring to the commentors in general, just the ones that are looking to get into the mmva's, and the ones trying to further comedic careers by doing so. not every person commenting is a whore... just a select few.

lastly, honey - unless you're somehow more cherokee than i am you can take back your welcome from canada, the government hasn't welcomed us since day one.

alexisonfire92 said...


suck it. wait.... you might like that.

Ruptured Soul said...

Wait CJV is a fucking indian? Ok ok ok that explains A LOT!

C v J said...

yar har.

racism and homophobia.
what a good little bunch of "phreaks"

Ruptured Soul said...

Me a phreak?

Yar Har.

This Phreak guy is a douche bag. But not as big of a faggot as you are CVJ.

Get a Life... fucking neech

brains said...

Ah hell, I'd stick it in phreak. He's pretty cute. Too bad he's part of a pop culture shit show.