Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I see you

Keep sending in your videos here. Remember you can upload them yourself right to youtube.

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C_v_J said...

i don't buy one of these... i mean, not the ones you're upping... not the ones you've made "yours" on your youtube page, either.

toronto definitely has no shortage of filmschool dropouts and struggling actors to toss a few bucks at for a quick webcam jobby.

all of these folks are waaaaaay to old to be watching your programming.

ALSO, wake up.

you're spoonfeeding us bullshit again, phreakster. you know how much i don't like that... Much is using you to sell the MMVAs, so you're going to shill them anyway?


you're going to get the 'cool kids'
the say 'best fucktastic director'?

who gives a shit.
this is staler than the piece of bread i found under by fridge a week ago.

c'mon, kids. open your eyes. this is bullshit and you know it.