Monday, June 2, 2008

Orange you glad I didn't say bananna?

This is awesome as fuck. Nice work. Keep sending your videos here.


denmax19 said...

This Guy has a pretty good disguise.. a little better than yours phreak.. jealous? I would be.

anime_nippleclip said...

I could just eat him up. Phreaky, you been keepin' good company while I was away.

I like what you've done with the place! Never would have guessed you'd take it this far.

C_v_J said...


somewhat disposable in mine eyes. care to give up the identity of this individual? :p [excuse my emoticons]

disposableidentity said...

My identity? The phreak doesn't know any more than you do.

Care to reveal YOUR identity?

By the way CVJ. Have you seen the hits/views on my YouTube clip? Off the charts I'd say. Over 300, practically overnight. Feeling a little jealous?

Thanks for the video embed Phreak!

I heard another mask surfaced here in Calgary. Anyone grab it yet? What's the matter Heatvision? Just a little loudmouth chickenshit I guess.

May said...

MuchMusic has proved that they cater only to the intelligence level of the tweens that watch the channel. What could have turned into an intelligent discussion on conformity, ARGs or the media has reached it's maximum potential as a petty internet community fight, where an Ad Hominem is as equally valid as a real and relevant argument.
The end result: A bunch of screaming fourteen year old idiots worshipping celebrities at a cult-like ceremony, where said celebrites are rewarded and idolized for regurgitating the same shit music year after year.
Do you want to reach the over 20 demographic or the internet community MuchMusic? Try branching out of brainwashing schemes and researching or promoting independent music. Is it news to you that the mainstream isn't as effective or popular anymore? The youth of today have every type of music/art/literature available to them and it's not a surprise that our tastes have become eclectic and beyond the understanding of the brains of MuchMusic.
If you want your audience to grow up, then you should as well.
(MTV Canada wins hands down.)

C_v_J said...

may, you're on the right track, but you've said nothing new.

Disposable, you're getting mighty hostile with me all of a sudden. If you look the the structure of my sentence you'll note that i used the words 'disposable' AND 'identity' this was done as something of a shoutout to you... maybe a little props... it was also a subtle clue to those who DIDN'T KNOW IT WAS YOU!

do i care to note my identity?

Cletus Vernon Jenkins. I live at 500 Murray Ross in North York [Toronto]... there's the cards for you. nut up.

and your 300 views, really impressive. real impressive! much has shown how much effort it takes to get people to watch!

besides. has phreak actually dedicated a video to you? has he gone so far as to actually call you out? nope. you're nameless and faceless like the other two boobs who got embedded earlier.

it's nice your video is well over 300 views. i've got one of those too!...

...right! plus another four [granted, not as many views] that are doing rather well, view-wise.

oh, and were you one of the top 10 subscribed gurus from may?

seriously man... i wasn't even calling you out. it's a nice video... just next time, maybe say something worth note. it's the same problem i have with phreak and the rest of this phiasco.

disposableidentity said...

You flat-out pissed on my art!

Okay, so you've certainly stirred up a bigger reaction with your rants. But come on. I'm just looking to get on TV. You're looking to start a revolution.

Seize the means!

C_v_J said...

alright, disposable.

i meant in no way whatsoever to "piss" on your art. it's by far the most creative of the "best___-whatever" video there's been. like i said, i was only trying to bring to light the fact it was you.

i waited quite a while before even commenting, to give you a chance to take your credit. THEN two people posted. i was just trying to hint at your name man, like i said. no offense meant.

your video [unlike the other embbed ones] is creative, fun looking and fairly pro quality. these are all A+ attributes from where i stand.

HeatVision_and_Jack said...

disposable, dude. chill out.
i don't like this "C"letus "V"on "J"ackass guy, but i don't think he was pissing on your "art" (and hey, the mona lisa is art dude, you shot a cute little vid).

he was asking the phreak to say who provided the video (in case anyone in the audience can't use youtube to find out for themselves?)

btw, you're over 700 views now. nice job!

more important and right to the point. i went to Plan "B" last night. it's gone. the mask is gone. and not only that. i... "missed it by that much".

apparently someone grabbed it yesterday afternoon. they couldn't say much but some guy, maybe 18-20 yr old guy picked it up.

they asked him who he was (like the instructions were to only give it to one particular person), and the guy said "heatvision" WTF??? and they gave it to him.

okay so i know. i was the last person to clue in to the clue. but this dude stole my name and my mask.

i know you're reading this. the phreak obviously wanted me to have that mask.

C_v_J said...

heatie, if you followed my blog, you'd be clued into the name.

sincerely though, that bites that some douchenozzle stole the mask. you should talk to andrew thomson, the guy that runs/owns plan b. he was very kind and helpful when i spoke to him.

maybe he could tell you if there was anything else of note.

alexisonfire92 said...

you spelled banana wrong...