Monday, June 9, 2008

Wonder Woman wore bracelets

These won’t stop bullets but they will get you past security. If you can find them. First come, first serve. See you at the big show.

Dundas Square. Take a seat.

Across from the Marriot, Dundas and Bay. Wow you look tired. Sit a bit.
Nathan Phillips Square. SW Side. Step seven. Don’t break your neck.

OCAD facing McCaul. I fell like a hobbit. Pencil in a break.

Grange Park. Have a picnic. Beware the ants in your pants.


C_v_J said...

that's really cute..

and again, ALMOST cool enough to care.

go and get your free wristbands kiddies, you know you want to rub elbows with the b-list.

i'd go and round up wristbands, but i

a] don't care enough - i don't want to support your bullshit show.


b] plan on spending said weekend in a cabin, doing cabin things [mostly drinking...] and NOT watching your trite shit.

C_v_J said...

[edit: god damn blogspot]


if you're still not working for much, what are you doing giving out wristbands? continuity error? man, it's a good thing you have no messageboard, the fat kids would be ALL over this.

Somebody said...

oh sweet... wristbands.

How more predictable can you get phreak? Like cvj.. I will be spending my weekend doing more productive things like hanging out with friends and getting wasted. Why bother with your MuchMusic awards show and the screaming pre-teen crowds when I can enjoy good music at blasting levels at my own home?

c-fight said...

cvj your werid you say that you don't care an dyou keep on commenting on every single thing i am sorry foor questioning you but still if you say you don't care you don't care. Peace

C_v_J said...

c-fight, i don't care about the MMVAs. the fact that much is selling the MMVAs through this shitty marketing scheme is frankly, disgusting to me.

while i don't give a shit about the award show, or the acts that it sells, it pisses me off to see canada's original [and at one point premier] music station resorting to shitty marketing ploys instead of getting good musicians, and acts people care about. instead, they chose to do nothing more than mimic trends south of the border and ignore good, true canadian music.

oooh, and 'cause they're "exploiting" the phreak.

c-fight said...

Oh I see you make a very good point and I find that kind of disapointing. Because much use to be one of the greatest tv stations in canada and there selling there selves out over some dumb award show so i get where your coming from cvj. (sorry for the bad spelling)

alexisonfire92 said...

ooohh, wristbands! i'm there!

Toad FreakShow said...

Quote: "...canada's original [and at one point premier] music station resorting to shitty marketing ploys instead of getting good musicians, and acts people care about. instead, they chose to do nothing more than mimic trends south of the border and ignore good, true canadian music"

I agree with you 110% CVJ , and not because I myself am a musician, but because there are so many good acts everywhere, talented hard working musicians playing in the local bars & clubs all across this great nation! The sad thing is that the direction Much has been taking over the past few years has taken all real talent out of the limelight!I'm sick of watching/listening to prefab, computer enhanced shit, from "artists" (not a worthy title in my book) who don't even write there own songs or play there own insturments anymore! Bring back the music, support your local talent, stop looking to Much to tell you what's cool or trendy, find the entertainment section in your newspaper, and check out a show!

C_v_J said...

"support your local talent, stop looking to Much to tell you what's cool or trendy, find the entertainment section in your newspaper, and check out a show!"


as a fellow musician toad freakshow, you get my props.

C_v_J said...

by the way... New Kids on the Block are playing the MMVAs this year...


new kids on the block.

how's that for hip new local [or even canadian] talent?

oh right, sum41 is going to be there.
cancon, i'll miss you.

here's a question, much... ever heard of FEIST?

look into her.... oh right! too old for your 15 year old audience.

i hope flo rida puts on a hell of a show though.

HeatVision_and_Jack said...

dudes! what exactly are you bitching about? if i was in toronto i'd be all over this.

thousands of people lined up for hours to get passes. we're being handed them just for keeping tabs on the whole phreak thing? score.

fuck. i mean we figured this thing out weeks ago. MMVAs. check. got it. if you hate it why are you on here ever 20 minutes jerking each-other off?

HeatVision_and_Jack said...

so cvj. i went to your phake blog. sorry dude. you scare me. you just keep saying the same thing over and over. wtf??? and it looks like you're talking to yourself over there. it's way more fun over here.

Much music has always played the "popular" music. that's why it's popular. they play what people like. so shoot them if it's not what YOU like.

if you think you're such a rebel, go ahead and change the world. fuck things up. hell the phreak (or much music or whoever) even gave you a forum. props/cred to him (them?) for that. he let you speak your mind and you had nothing to say. contribute. or stop pretending you're some hot bad ass shit.

C_v_J said...

i've had something to say the entire time. if you can't decipher my message, maybe fasten up the screws on your nerd-goggles.

much is bullshit, they barely follow cancon and feed us recycled american mtv bullshit.

that's my problem.
then, then they go and use this stupid fake game to go and draw attention to an awards show that features new kids on the block, flo rida, some dance crew, rihanna and girlicious.

okay, now yes, kardinal, sum41, hedley and ill scarlet will be there.

because the government has laws in place to put them there... but hands up, how many canadians give a shit about sum41 and hedley?

the nation's music station hardly has their finger on the pulse... fuck, they're so far from the pulse they're gumming on elbows.

HeatVision_and_Jack said...

has it been 20 minutes already?

Ying_Yang said...

Guys..I think its obvious Phreak and Much dont care that we you can stop thinking your detectives anytime now.

Check any commercial regarding much's mmvas and you'll see phreak pop out for 2 seconds, if that.

I honestly feel this is going to be a big let down at the MMVA's, the best thing they could do now is not reveal phreak to us..and keep us wondering, never knowing..if it happens remember who called it.

Ruptured Soul said...

Called it ying_yang? More like fed it to them... where do you think they get all their ideas from? US the people buying into this bullshit/miracle (depending on what your feelings toward the phreak are...)

Oh and word to Heatvision... CVJ is just blowing smoke out of his little ass... SeeVee I know you have something to say... in fact I got what you said... when you said it the first time 4 weeks ago! Using synonyms DOES NOT make a statement new. CVJ you got a good head... I'm just not sure it's attached properly. If I hear you tell us to Boycott the MMVA's or how much you are "disgusted" with all this I'm going to phreaking shit on your mom... (sorry I'm running out of words... ha?)

Nature of Betrayal said...

I understand where CVJ is coming from concerning Canadian music. Just because an "artist" (ex: Hedley) has a record deal with a major company doesn't mean that they are necessarily popular. They are just more accessible to the public. It would be nice to see MuchMusic promote talented Canadian musicians/bands like Wintersleep, Wolf Parade, Controller Controller, Shout Out Out Out...,Caribou (formerly Manitoba), Crystal Castles, Destroyer and so on and so forth. I'm pretty sure nobody wants to read me listing off great Canadian bands from my Itunes. It is just slightly irritating that there is so much excellent and creative music here in Canada that nobody knows about because stations like MuchMusic choose to celebrate the same few musical acts year after year.
To further my previous point, it's important to note that a band does not automatically become "great" because the majority of the public likes it. It is the same with all art. Just because the Gossip Girl novels have sold millions of copies doesn't secure them a place within literature's finest.

And if that ever happens, somebody please, please,kill me.

C_v_J said...

ruptured, i'm not entirely sure if you're aware, but my consistent pleas for boycott are a parody of much's consistent pleas to watch.

the point IS to overkill.

if i've annoyed you, i've succeeded. i'm but a mirror.

hidesherwings said...

heat vision. agreed.

it is abundantly clear that cvj is by far the most vested of us all in this. he's working harder than the entire much staff at supporting the blog. he's even working up his own press. much music should give him a job. if they haven't already.

as cvj has so cleverly pointed out, mimicking trends is downright uncool. clearly much has built a blog here that mimics other viral campaigns. that is very uncool. imagine what would happen if someone mimicked this mimic and made there own phake blog?... er...oh wait. perhaps i've said too much.

of course there can be no doubt that 'mostly drinking', in the woods, most likely by one's self, is about as cool as cool can be.

hat's and masks off to cvj. he is the coolest.

disposableidentity said...

Drinking alone in the woods (Thoreau-style) is the only cool thing you can do.

Certainly no pre-recorded music. That's just not hip. Only music you make yourself is cool. And then only music you make on an instrument you carved yourself and hand polished.

Yes. That would be cool indeed.

HeatVision_and_Jack said...

drinking alone in the woods--
with a funny hat.

C_v_J said...

let's face it, what the hell else would you guys talk about without me?

ever wonder why i am talking so much and someone else is talking so little?

C_v_J said...

secondarily, the point never has been, nor ever will be, to present the image of coolness.

those of you who miss this miss the point, and thus i suppose are a waste of effort. i will however, reiterate... in disliking me, you validate me.

your ridiculous little quips mean little to me, and i've little regard for what you have to say about my endeavours.

you'll all tell me that nobody cares and that i'm repeating myself. you'll all tell me that if i hate this so much i should stop watching. i bet you'll even insinuate i've got nothing better to do and make fun of me.

i don't give a shit about what you think heatvision, and i don't give a shit about what you think hidesherwings... i am sending a message to the people pulling the strings on this one.

how many good, relevant canadian television shows does much play?

how many times do you see the OC on the channel?

this is what i can't stand.

Canadian artists like Stars, and Arcade Fire, Broken Social Scene, Metric and Feist, are ushering in a new and exciting age of GOOD CANADIAN music, and much is shoving FLO RIDA and RIHANNA down the throats of teens.

popular music is popular music because the masses aren't given a choice.

i don't care if a single one of the commentors on this blog give a damn about this, but i do. and much should. canadian television is an integral part to our culture, and to see it flooded with such recycled garbage makes me sick.

that's why i'm invested in this. my career is in the music business. as a musician, as a producer, and as a booker. i see it from several angles, and the one thing i see is much slowly allowing the further americanization of our music media.

take a look at the top 100 selling albums in canada. THEN take a look at the MMVAs.

that's all i have to say for now.

Toad FreakShow said...

Quote: "Certainly no pre-recorded music. That's just not hip. Only music you make yourself is cool. And then only music you make on an instrument you carved yourself and hand polished."

So I suppose you're taking a shot at me disposable because I agreed with CVJ and added my own thoughts to his statement. I'm meerly pointing out the fact that most of the "popular" music is electronic computer generated insurments/beats, the artists singing over top of these "tracks" have had their voices pitch corrected a million times (google Pro Tools) and half their song catalogues were written by someone other than themselves. A pretty face that is more marketable is becoming a more worthy candidate in the music industry than actual musicians that know how to write/compose music. Whatever happened to music being the voice of the soul? Sounds to me like everyones soul has been talking shit as of late!

ceejayessee said...

I've been lurking here for a while, reading everyones comments..

But anyways, I realize how bullshit all this is and how shitty Much is but just for fun I went downtown to look for one. I went to almost every location and finally found the one by the Marriot.


Jan said...

I'll take some wristbands, send me as many as you can. Please make the names out to Ebay (Capital E, small B).

Thanks. Don't see a reason to let them go to waste, there's plenty of teens gullible enough to fall for this rebellious tripe ..and they're willingly to pay cash for it - that's all I'm concerned about, and so is Much Music.

wazmo said...

i agree with everyting you have said up to this point c_v_j except for what you said about Feist. im sorry but i just plain cant stand her and the only raeson she is famous is because they played that awfull highly catchy tune on an ipod commercial.

Mad Mark said...

CVJ, great analysis as usual. You really are a very outspoken person, and you've always something intelligent to say. I'd say you're making great use of your soapbox. CVJ, I also agree that the fact that Phreak is leading people to wristbands sounds like a complete oxymoron. He's acting all anti-Much, and then he tells the kids to go and get wristbands for the MMVAs. I'm sorry, but that's just plain messed up. Get your facts straight, Phreak. You claim that you are trying to prove the imperfection of human communication, and that there are problems with Much, and then you do a 180 and send people to get wristbands. What does one thing have to do with the other? Very odd, indeed.

As far as Feist is concerned, my entire household thinks she's the worst singer ever. Simply put, she's just plain awful. The only reason why she's famous is because of that stupid iPod commercial. She probably wont those awards because she paid off someone to rig the competition for her. Her wins just didn't seem legit to me. I'd much rather have the old silhouettes on colored backgrounds iPod commercials back. At least they were better than that awful one with Feist. Thank the Lord that her commercial was short-lived. I was really getting tired of having her pollute my TV screen, even if it was for less than a minute each time.

wazmo said...

well put mad mark. i couldn't agree more.

HeatVision_and_Jack said...

for the record:

nkotb=strangely, willing to give them another chance

wazmo said...

my favorite new canadian bands would have to be

protest the hero
marianas trench (only on album there awful live)
faber drive
sum 41 is ok in small doses
and my absolute favorite Nickelback!!!