Saturday, June 14, 2008

Zip Zap Rap

As I suspected, Rhomboids are going to be huge tomorrow. Your videos have been amazing. I'd say that the wind might be a big factor but I am extremely agile. Plus, if Devestatin' Dave has taught us anything, it's that the right outfit makes all the different. Hold on tight.

Woah, too tight...

That's better.


Mad Mark said...

Okay, I've been meaning to ask this question for a long time already, so here goes:
What the @#$% is a rhomboid? Does it have anything to do with a rhombus, which is a type of quadrilateral? I need answers, Phreak. We all do. Contact me if you're not too busy phreaking out or whatever..

Toad FreakShow said...

A rhomboid is a muscle on your upper back. It connects your inner shoulder blade to your spine. Go figure a dictionary would actually come in handy for something other than making cartoon flip books in high school english class.

wazmo said...

mmvas havent even started yet and phreak is going wild!

Ying_Yang said...

after watching the mmva's all I can say is.


PenaltyKillah said...

Ha~! Devin can't be two people at once.

Or the Much execs knew they got a sinking ship in their hands.

phreak615, I bid you farewell as a character. Devin, like being a corporate pawn?

HeatVision_and_Jack said...

just one last thing to say:
best. mmvas. ever.

and which one of you was the bluemasked dude by the stage, (in maybe the 8th row?). I'm assuming it wasn't THE phreak, or blueboy who grabbed MY mask. maybe one of the other deputy phreaks on here?

wazmo said...

weres cvj i wanna hear what he has to say on all this.

alexisonfire92 said...

worst mmva ever. lame. dallas green shoulve won peoples choice..not avril. no good performances. aftermath was a dud and 'phreak615' aka CTV Marketing and Promotions dept was no where to be seen.

Swingcatltd said...

Yikes.... Much Music is going down the drain. I only tuned in to a few minutes (was watching the Celtics/Lakers game)... But awful....

CTV needs some new blood to come in there and shake things up at Much Music.... put some of the people here on a panel... we'll turn that station into something of value and not a stain on Canadian television.

Not impressed Much Music... no one is.

Christopher said...

Yawn. So this was a contest that really had little to do with the MMVAs and... yawn... does anyone actually watch the MMVAs? I didn't.

So they started this thing up in early April, did nothing with it (save for that lame contest) and... well... sorry, I'm too bored with this to even finish my post.

HeatVision_and_Jack said...

couldn't agree with you more swingcat. it was just a boring stupid tv show and i didn't watch it either (except for that part at the beginging, and a little at the end, and well most of the middle part. i caught a commercial or two as well).

it must have been awful to have been there in person. but of course no one was actually there having a good time. i don't know how they cgi'ed all those crazed screaming people in the audience. obviously no one was there. since it was so stupid and not any fun at all : )

deathserpent said...

Just to let you know, the original hacks were not live. You cannot hack a comercial, for it is not live. If youve seen the hacked episodes of vot or mod twice, you will notice that the hacks happen at the same time.

C v J said...

heatie, baby, you're pretending as though the entire reason all those rabid soaked fans showed up was to see the phreak. interesting concept.

mad mark, rhomboids are a muscle in your back. wiki can be your friend from time to time.

like i told you guys, i didn't watch the show... i'm not one to bend to the wills of marketing ploys... i read some reviews though...

dance miss-steps by out of key NKOTB? who didn't know that was going to happen?

HEDLEY takes home 4 awards WITHOUT having a hit record? who's surprised?

Rihanna was lame? oh man, my heart- she breaks.

it's friggin' hilarious that those dumb bastards got soaked. i heard babel and whateverthefuckthestupidchicksnameis
got drenched hardcore by a hole in a roof somewhere.

so much baited and switched you guys. no real phreak, no real hack, no NOTHING.

like somebody said earlier, they knew this was a sinking ship - and they deserted it like all good captains.

so, now that they've got zero in terms of future plans for devon, watch as he returns and wears pants that are far too tight, swoops his bleached blonde bullshit hair to the side and continues to cram bullshit low quality programming down your throat.

hopefully much has learned their lessons and will think twice next time before they put on the big kid pants.

if CTV wants you guys pandering to 12 year olds and getting them brainwashed for E! Talk Canada by the time they're 20, good on you.

[just remember that it's CTV that's booting you out of the only building you've ever been in and moving you straight out of the entertainment district.]

keep brainwashing the kiddies, much. it seems to be the only thing you're remotely good at. leave viral and E-presences to people that have half a clue. not half a brain.

ceejayessee said...

It rained about 6 times on Sunday.

Everyone got soaked..

and in between the red carpet and the actual MMVAs they through a giant plastic tarp over the audience to protect us from the rain. After they took the tarp off, and about half-way through the show they handed out garbage bags to use instead.

None of the VJs got wet, they were actually allowed to have umbrella's with them.

I only went because I won wristbands from Phreak, I'm not really a fan of any of the celebrities or performers that were there.

C_v_J said...


i'll comment hear because they still forward somewhere. bullshit new video. bullshit bait and switch. bullshit admission to devon being phil reaking. this whole thing reaked. reaked of shit.

signal said...

okay, the new video. at the end amongst everything else you can clearly see..

you were devon
you were fucked

XJ said...

Hmmm disappointing and yet expected.

Kaitlyn said...

I was incredibly disappointed with the MMVA's. Well, not so much the awards because Hedley took home the gold, but the whole hacking thing.

Where was Phreak? Why would they constantly plug that he would hack it and most likely make some sort of appearance [video or actually there]and then not show him at all?!

And now this video? What the hell? They are just going to end it like this? You all did beautiful? Well, thanks Phreak but come on! At least if Much Music was going to make this thing big, they should have gone out with a bang. I would rather have Phreak as a VJ than Devon Soltendeik or however you spell his last name.

So, now what? We all wasted months of our time following this, replying and shit and now it ends with this video? No. I doubt this is where it ends. I could see them bringing Phreak615 back in a few months when the ratings are shooting down again and they are desperate to catch our attention. They'll use this as a scape goat.

I guess all in all, this is what they wanted. For us to get involved, to post and to argue back [even though it was about this being fake]. Much got what they wanted. They almost took advantage of the fact that we knew it was fake and used it against us to conform most of us to tune in and watch...

It's actually quite sad that this is over with now. Not going to lie, I am going to miss this whole Phreak615 hoax and checking to see what he newly posted. We all knew it wasn't real, but ended up being forced to follow and even play along.

I suppose I should say well done Much Music. You played us for the 'fools' so to speak.

PenaltyKillah said...

I still remember a MuchMusic TV spot from 2003. Just black-and-white grainy stock footage closeups of Toronto. And the Much logo appearing at the most unsuspecting places. Simplistic, but it works.

And what are their "This Is Much" spots today? Hawaiian dolls, robots, and a automatic ping-pong table of sorts? How out of touch, CTVGM. Good thing they pulled the old Much Chunk ad, featuring a sleazer teen eating a "chunk" of cornflakes and spoiled milk.